The Odds Are Stacked Against NFL Organizations Drafting A Franchise QB In The First Round

If you are in need of a Quarterback, it is important to understand whether the ones that fit your system are capable of consistently winning at the next level. The sad nature of the NFL is that if you don't have a reliable Quarterback, your job will … [Continue reading]

Prediction Review Series: New York Giants Pressure Problem

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The Contrarian View Of QB Matt Barkley

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An Extensive Analysis On The Houston Texans Quarterbacks: Matt Schaub, T.J. Yates, And Case Keenum

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Football Analysis – Post NFL Week 2 Notes

Two weeks and a Week 3 NFL Thursday Night game into the season, and NFL Data Consultants has notes and analysis on trades, NFL personnel decisions, and a review of some of the analytical predictions made regarding the careers of some NFL … [Continue reading]