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Braden Abshire Founder - NFL Data Consultants

Braden Abshire

The Founder of NFL Data Consultants, Braden Abshire, is a visionary and a strong analytical mind that challenges status quo. He earned a Finance and Marketing degree from McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin, ranked as a top 10 undergraduate program at the time of his graduation. Braden is a driven individual and self-learner that has taught himself concepts needed to make accurate predictions and forecasts related to player careers as they transition from collegiate to professional football. He has created a number of proprietary metrics and a unique set of rules to apply them that is focused in on what is to be measured. It is Braden’s motto, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” Measuring the right things with the right approach will allow management and organizations to flourish and prosper. His football experience is diverse and includes opportunities in the NFL, AFL, and NCAA.

Braden’s diverse football background includes experience in football operations, contract analysis of first day draft picks and pro bowl players, and scouting. His experience includes the perspective from a league, organization/team, and agency and includes involvement in winning championships. Braden was fascinated after reading “Moneyball” in 2004, but is not the type to buy in without testing the theories included in the book. Thus, he found a “lab” to test the theories in a simulation environment and against human competition. Braden lets the results speak for themselves and has made a number of accurate football predictions using his analytical approach, including that Nick Foles and/or Matt Barkley would be a Pro Bowl Quarterback within 3 to 5 years (typical length of a rookie contract). That prediction was cemented with Nick Foles not only making the Pro Bowl within a year of the prediction, but also by winning the Offensive MVP of the game. Braden has also predicted the likely failure of Geno Smith as a franchise Quarterback including the prediction of the QB Rating range that Geno Smith would fall.  As time goes by, nearly all of the first set of predictions by Braden Abshire using his analytical approach have been fulfilled or are trending that way.

You can contact Braden here to inquire about Football Analysis and Football Research Objectives.