Update On The NFL Team Analytical Summaries

The analytical series, where we featured 2013 NFL Draft prospects and young players from each organization has come to a close. Feel free to use the categories navigation in the top right column to find the organization or position of interest in the analytical summaries.

It is the mantra of this site to measure, quantify, and evaluate. “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” Thus, I will be summarizing all of the measurable predictions made throughout this 32 team series and offseason and placing them on its own page for review and tracking of progress over the next 3 to 5 years. A summary page will help aggregate predictions so that they aren’t just floating on the NFL Data Consultants (@FootballAndData) Twitter page, where we made sound predictions on the careers of Cecil Shorts and J.J. Watt that were time stamped.

The analytical predictions page will be left open for comments related to the predictions, and I welcome any analytical minds that have opposing views. If you have an analytical question, feel free to use the Contact Us form, and I may feature the question in a future post. As of now, expect weekend, mid-week, prediction, and important news updates.