Jordan Reed, Is He The Future For The Washington Redskins At Tight End?

Jordan Reed has been highlighted on other sites that like to review players with an analytical approach. Since it is always fun to compare analysis, I will do so in my review of TE Jordan Reed.

Drafted in the 3rd round with the 85th selection overall by the Washington Redskins in the 2013 NFL Draft, the question is what to make of expectations for the future of Jordan Reed at Tight End. A comparative analysis of nearly 300 Tight Ends, puts him on an island by himself; he has no comparison close enough to classify as a direct comparison, although there are some interesting names that are on the periphery. With confidence, I can say that Aaron Hernandez is not a good comparison for Jordan Reed even though both Tight Ends played at Florida. In fact, the analytical profile of Owen Daniels would be a much closer comparison to the football potential of Aaron Hernandez.

Although there is no direct comparison, the nearest comparison would be a cross between Tony Moeaki and Dennis Pitta. Jordan Reed has a very high reliance metric score, and his production score is higher than both Moeaki and Pitta. The number of games included also adds validity to his metrics so there is plenty of upside.

The major concern for Jordan Reed’s long term prospects is the health of his knee and quad. Reading his own quotes about the injury, it sounds structural, but I lack the proper information to determine the risk level it adds for the long term. He has the physical and analytical profile to be a success in the league and be a long term answer as a move Tight End for the Washington Redskins. Thus, the answer to whether he is the future for the Washington Redskins at Tight End is strictly health dependent.


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